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ICMG India is a leading, full-service Enterprise and IT Architecture Service Provider, enabling its customers to manage new opportunities using Enterprise Anatomy driven solutions.

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I am managing Multiple Projects. I have Architecture for each Project. How will Enterprise Architecture help?

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It is not unusual for Organisations to be working on multiple initiatives at any given time.

It is also not unusual for them to deal with these multiple (even prioritised) problems through concurrent projects. Each project will create its own Solution independently. These will then be forgotten once the Solutions are implemented and Operational.

How about we turn this thinking around? Why not create an Enterprise Anatomy starting with one Project, use it to create Solution for that Project and then all the other Projects?

There will be better Re-Usability, Predictability and Go to Market.

Let us look at this through an example of a Financial Services Company for which we create the Enterprise Anatomy for their SoA Project and use it effectively to create Project Solutions as well as suggest new Solutions in other areas and resolve any ad-hoc queries. Another example we will see is that of an Insurance company for which the Reference Architecture was re-created and Solutions created in other areas.

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