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6 Synthesis - The ICMG Rating Platform for Enterprise Strategy & Architecture 2024

The ICMG Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Rating Platform is a cornerstone for leading organizations looking to benchmark the strategy and architecture of their pivotal projects with enterprise-wide impacts.

Esteemed as a critical tool for assessing and enhancing business performance, this platform offers a comprehensive framework that evaluates the strategies and architectures of specific projects against industry best practices. By using this platform, companies can identify areas of excellence and pinpoint gaps that need attention, enabling them to make informed decisions to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation across various departments.

The ICMG rating transcends the IT function, covering the entire enterprise across different departments. Its impact is recognized not only by the CIO but also by Marketing Directors, VPs of Sales, and other senior leaders.

It supports numerous ongoing IT initiatives and aligns them with challenges in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Service Delivery, enhancing cross-departmental synergy.

ICMG presents two distinct yet interconnected versions of the Rating Services i.e. 6 Synthesis Platform, each designed to cater to different needs within an organization.

This innovative rating service embodies our commitment to enhancing enterprise strategy and architecture through meticulous analysis and integration.

1. 6 Synthesis (Project): The "6 Synthesis (Project)" version is meticulously crafted for project-level analysis and execution. Focused on six critical perspectives, this platform facilitates a deep understanding of the interconnections within individual projects.

By leveraging the robust framework of ICMG’s Enterprise Anatomy model, this tool enables project managers and teams to gain a holistic view of project dynamics, ensuring that all aspects are synergistically aligned.

It is ideal for projects that require detailed insights into six perspectives (srategy, process, logic, component specs, implementation, operations), ensuring that each element is perfectly orchestrated to meet the project's strategic goals.

2. 6 Synthesis (Enterprise): Expanding the scope, the "6 Synthesis (Enterprise)" version is engineered to oversee and integrate multiple projects across the entire enterprise.

This platform is essential for organizations seeking to ensure that their various projects do not operate in silos but are part of a larger, cohesive strategic vision.

It helps in synthesizing project outcomes, aligning them with enterprise-wide business objectives, and facilitating communication across departments.

By providing an enterprise view of multiple projects, it enables senior management to make informed decisions that enhance overall organizational performance.

Both versions of the 6 Synthesis Platform are integral to achieving a seamless alignment between strategy and execution. Whether focusing on the intricate details of a single project or managing the broad complexities of multiple initiatives, the 6 Synthesis Platform empowers organizations to navigate their paths to success with precision and clarity.

Case Study: This media company wants to expand its digital newspaper offerings. The goals are to increase subscriptions, enhance the visibility of their digital products, and integrate efforts across sales, marketing, and product development departments.

Application of ICMG Rating Platform:

  1. Strategy and Architecture Evaluation:

  • Sales: The platform helps evaluate the current sales strategies for selling digital subscriptions. It benchmarks these strategies against best practices, identifying gaps such as inadequate digital sales channels or poor customer segmentation.

  • Marketing: For marketing, the platform assesses how current promotional strategies align with the goal of gaining higher visibility and attracting more subscribers. It might highlight a need for more robust digital marketing techniques or better integration with social media platforms.

  • Product Development: Regarding product architecture, the platform can reveal how well the current digital products meet market demands and suggest enhancements like personalized content feeds or improved user interfaces to enhance customer experience.2. Cross-Departmental Integration:The ICMG platform provides insights on how these departments can better synchronize their strategies. For instance, ensuring that marketing campaigns are directly tied to the latest digital product features, and that sales teams are well-versed in these features to effectively sell subscriptions.3. Holistic Improvement:By examining the company’s strategy and specific project architectures, the platform helps the media company not only to optimize individual projects but also ensures these enhancements have a positive ripple effect across the enterprise. This could mean aligning IT developments with marketing needs for campaign data analysis or enabling sales teams with digital tools that align with engineering updates.

Outcome: Using the ICMG Rating, the media company gains a comprehensive understanding of where it stands against the best in the industry. It identifies critical improvements and aligns efforts across departments, ensuring that the introduction and promotion of digital newspaper products are well-coordinated and poised for success. This approach not only boosts the efficiency of operational processes but also enhances customer experiences, leading to increased subscriptions and greater market penetration.

In summary, the ICMG Rating acts as a guiding framework that helps this media company strategically integrate and enhance their digital offerings, driving departmental synergies and fostering a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

Whether it’s delving into technology depth, assessing process flexibility, or aligning project progress with business goals, the ICMG Rating ensures a holistic approach to keep your enterprise at the forefront of today’s competitive landscape. It's clear why many top-tier organizations rely on ICMG Rating—it consistently helps them maintain their industry-leading positions.

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