Based on Best Practises from over 30 Rationalization Projects


Expected project duration = 3 months for mid-size enterprise with nearly 100 major systems spread across 15 function units, multilocation

Fast-tracking your Application Rationalisation using Enterprise Anatomy Framework

Application Rationalisation is one of the most common initiatives undertaken by Enterprises as an IT Strategy. Enterprises during their lifetime often find themselves with a multitude of Business and Technology Applications cluttering their landscape.


This could be due to including Mergers & Acquisitions, a very reactive IT function that was driven by Business Users who wanted their preferred Apps, a long history of bespoke Application development that has resulted in legacy technologies but with all the key Business Rules embedded within etc., etc.,


ICMG  “Enterprise Anatomy” Framework and Methodology brings new thinking to this age-old problem. Traditional approaches everywhere have seen the usage of Spreadsheets,  User Questionnaires and Powerpoint Diagrams etc., as a one-off effort that will be thrown away at the end of the Program.


We will see that by creating a structure for Enterprise Strategies, Processes, Systems and Technology, the solution is vastly improved and at the same time the Enterprise is provided with an asset that can be re-used for other initiatives such as Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Process Improvement, Performance Management, Cyber Security etc.,


Key Benefits

  • Enterprise Anatomy approach over traditional methods

  • ICMG’s Application Rationalisation Methodology

  • The relationship between Enterprise Architecture and App Rationalisation  

  • How to create a structure for Enterprise Strategies, Processes, Systems and Technology

  • How to create the asset that can be re-used for other initiatives such as Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Process Improvement, Cybersecurity etc.



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Secrets to fast tracking based on Best Practises from Over 30 Rationalization Projects



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