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Fast Track Rating Service - Why and How 

How to use Enterprise Anatomy Framework as a basis of scoring your Architecture.

Case Study: Fashion Retail

Did Client's “Ratings Project” use Enterprise Architecture Principles effectively for Transforming the whole of the Enterprise in several areas such as 

  • Real-time access to Consumers personal Info 

  • Reduce silos & improve communication

Case Study: Utility

Company X’s Project  “Transformation Programme” requested Architecture Assessment with a view to better understand  the following :

How Operational Efficiency for Plants, Transmission Units, Grid, Distributors and Retailers contribute to Energy Supply Chain Optimisation

How effective is your Enterprise Architecture during pandemic?

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Digital Architecture Workshop Brochure

Digital Anatomy and 12 Methodologies

  • 23 Mar, 7:00 pm IST – 01 Apr, 9:00 pm IST
    Online Classroom
    Total of 12 Sessions x 2 Hrs each (07.00 - 09.00 PM) Chief Mentor : Sunil Dutt Jha
  • 23 Mar, 8:30 am – 01 Apr, 10:30 am
    Online Classroom
    Total of 12 Sessions x 2 Hrs each (08.30 - 10.30 AM) Chief Mentor : Krish Ayyar

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