Financial Solutions

Enterprise Architecture has driven Financial Solutions to
retain existing customers and persuade the new ones by
simplifying complex technology landscape

Industry Insights


How Architecture facilitates and significantly shortens the time-to-market to add new business service

Incoming Regulatory Requirements

How Architecture delivered against the abundance of incoming regulatory requirements.


New Risk Calculation, Data stores, Single validation infrastructure, Uniform Interfaces

      Universal Bank

Journey to become “Direct Universal Bank”


Strategy execution, Process change, Technology upgrade, Direct channels

Multi-channel Payment Transaction

Architecture driven solution for Payment Transactions over multiple channels like ATM, Internet Banking, Call Center

Enterprise Anatomy for Financial Solutions


Future Growth

Support the future growth of financial business

Digital Solutions

Orientation to digitize the banking service for customers.

Customer Excellence

Deliver Customer Excellence, ease of use, low cost, easy access

Time to Response

Reduce the amount of time it takes to gather information, understand, strategize, & create technology changes.

Managing Resources

Reduce the amount of time and domain experts required for impact assessment

Reduce Costs

Reduction in project costs, better insight to scope of proposed changes

New Services

New functionality can be delivered quickly and with fewer resources 

Business volumes

Able to respond with agility to market pressure and client demand 

Market Penetration

New functionality can be delivered quickly and with fewer resources

Enterprise Anatomy : Technical Solutions

Infrastructure Upgrade

Technology is a critical part in banking industry, so as the Technology "Change"

Reinvent Mobile Banking

How to add new transactional services to Mobile Applications regularly

Digital Interactive Facilities

How to add and modify digital facilities to the Customers for better engagement

Common and Integrated Software Platforms

Centralized solutions that closely integrated with up-stream and downstream systems across
Finance, Regulatory, Risk, Data Integration, Ops & Fund Accounting, Financial Control, Corporate Finance,

Virtual Database Platform

An average application requires several copies of production data. How do you support Application
databases need for storage without increasing maintenance costs.

SOA, Microservices Implementation

Ensuring agility is service delivery, customization and ease of change


Apply Enterprise Anatomy One Project at a Time


Challenges & Opportunities (Project)


Understand business challenges and technology challenges.

Find Business & Technology Elements


Using deconstruction techniques, discover & define strategy, process, system, technology, implementation and operational elements.

Create  Enterprise Anatomy


All the elements are connected across perspectives as well as six variables ( data, function, network, role, time, rules)

Create Custom Solutions from Enterprise


Create new business and solution on the fly by reusing architecture elements

Winners of ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards

Every year ICMG recognizes the work of Enterprises in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance sector for their excellence in applying Enterprise & IT Architecture for business results.

Here, is a short list of the winners.




DBS Indonesia


Nationwide, USA


ICICI Bank Ltd India


Qatar Credit Suisse





Nedbank, South Africa


BNP Paribas Russia


Europe African Development Bank





Credit Suisse Switzerland


TVS Credit


India Economical Mutual Insurance Company


Credit Suisse USA


ING Bank Belgium


India Edelweiss


India Economical Mutual Insurance Company


S&P Capital IQ, USA


GE Capital



UAE Doha



BNP Paribas Russia


Winners listed above are just a small selection of winners in the last 10 years. The winners are chosen by a global, neutral jury strictly based on the 10 key parameters. Our evaluation uses the Enterprise Anatomy as a basis for the rating of each project submitted to award competition. The evaluation and ratings are based on the documents, models shared with ICMG including video interactions and interviews.  A winning nomination doesn't mean that they are using the Enterprise Anatomy model completely. It does mean that architecture efforts are cognizant of six perspectives, six variables, and their underlying inter-relationship.  A complete, integrated, coherent anatomy model is NOT a pre-requisite for nomination in this award competition. All the information shared by companies are strictly confidential. Only a paragraph short notes about each project is made available in the public domain.  

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Fast track architecture rating for financial solutions

This service offering consists of applying ICMG’s Architecture Assessment Framework to arrive at the Ratings for Project / Solution Architecture. A comprehensive Rating Report is presented with recommendations for 


Architecture Ratings and awards for financial enterprises

Every year for the past 14 years, we have been holding Architecture Rating competitions and Awards Summits at Regional and Global Locations around the world. Many Fortune 100 companies have taken part in this program and benefited immensely. On-Site and Off-Site assessments of Project Architectures are carried out and Winners are presented with Awards at Regional and Global level.

workshop on digital architecture for financial enterprises

We conduct Architecture Workshops with a focus on BFSI case studies for Decision  Makers,  Architects,  and Business Process Owners.  You can attend a public session in /near your city.


This can be delivered in-house in a Custom Tailored Format

Discussion Forum- financial services

Forums provide an excellent opportunity for Industry Groups to raise Architecture related issues in a Peer environment and get Best Practice suggestions and also expert opinions from our Consultants.

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