Frequently asked questions

What are your courses about?

Our weekend courses are designed to help you get the most out of your year in the U.S.
"Make a Difference" explores topics such as culture shock, goals for au pairs, diversity in the U.S., communities and service learning, stereotypes and conflict resolution. Students also get to participate in a community service experience.
"Discover Your City" dives into U.S. history, politics, holidays and rituals while comparing the US to countries from all over the world. You will also become an expert on your selected city where the class is held.
"Explore our Environment" turns you into an environmental scientist for the weekend as you explore topics such as conservation, environmental tourism, healthy habitats, water chemistry, and wilderness geocaching. "Arts and Entertainment" explores how the entertainment industry has influenced American culture and history while allowing you to experience the "creative capitals of the world." Interactive workshops and field trips give you a chance to participate in the Visual or Performing arts depending on which track you choose.
For each course, several excursions are scheduled throughout the weekend so you can learn more about the city where your course takes place and explore class topics in an interesting and educational way. Learn more.

Where can I see the daily schedule for a weekend course?

Each weekend schedule is a little different depending on the activities and excursions offered. You can see a basic schedule by selecting the city you are interested in from the "Our Locations" page.

When are the next available courses?

Please see our calendar to find a date and city that works for you.


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