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Strategy to Execution is the primary concern for most business managers and business owners. In most cases, business strategy definitions are incomplete or inconsistent.


In the last 19 years, we have seen growing adoption and interest in the use of Enterprise Architecture in managing Enterprise Strategy and Operations. It's encouraging to see that "Enterprise Architecture" is getting recognized as a critical element for enterprise survival as well as success.

Executing Business Strategies

Quickly assess limitation of existing strategies16

Aassess limitation of existing strategies. The above is achieved by applying business strategy deconstruction technique. This technique helps in identifying "strategy primitives" from existing business strategies

Identify key stakeholders and 
gap analysis

This step is followed by identifying gaps in strategy definition and execution. These gaps are defined over 6 different business stakeholder perspectives.

Apply six stage transformation for operations

Create and understand various perspectives.​ and strategy elements. Later, these "strategy elements" can be used for creating new strategies and take corrective measures.