NOV 27-28-29, 2018

Courtyard by Marriott
​New York Manhattan/Central Park

It's probably the only conference in the world which tells about Enterprise Architecture like it is.

Why You Should Participate?

Gain a deeper understanding | Strengthening projects & solution | Experience the world

The Truth is You Miss It and You Miss it Forever as the Case Studies are Not Available in Public Domain

The Truth is You Miss It and You Miss it Forever as the Case Studies are Not Available in Public Domain

The Keynotes


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

6 Keynotes, 26 Case Studies, 6 Panel Discussions comprising of over 38 speakers. 

One single aim: your success

This premier conference will provide an opportunity to the Business Heads, Buisness Strategists, CIOs, CTOs, Managers, architects etc. to share knowledge of Strategy execution, Business Transformation and IT  Excellence  for Acquisition and Mergers, Business Process Management, Customer Oriented Business Models, etc which represents the next generation of practices in the enterprise.

This summit will help to uncover why organizations of every size, industry and geography are banking on Enterprise & IT Architecture as a way to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce IT expenses and total cost of ownership and achieve higher bottom-line results. It will also help you to understand why choosing the right architecture frameworks, solution and the right strategy is critical to success.

The three days summit will feature 8 tracks with 32 architecture sessions. We have taken care to choose the exemplary case studies which will be delivered by the seasoned and hands-on practitioners.



Don’t miss the passion and hard work which has gone into every successful architecture initiative.

Successful and Referenceable

Industry Case Studies and


from 2017-18


IT-Driven Business Transformation to deliver superior services and products to its end customers by moving away from traditional insurance platform and leveraging on big data, online distribution, cloud technology, advance pricing algorithm, and smartphone application.

Financial Services

New Customer Channel Implementation to disrupt the company from within in order to empower the company to deliver the customer with whatever is asked for in a swift manner.

Energy & Utility

Improving Customer Experience Architecture by providing faster and reliable onsite water meter reading and billing, disconnection, and reconnection services.

Enterprise Cloud Architecture & Strategy to manage several core insurance systems for underwriting and claims supporting several non-life insurance product lines by creating a hybrid network architecture where existing on-premise servers were accessible from our cloud VPC

Energy & Utility

A new Distribution Management System (DMS) to replace the ageing and unsupported diverse, complex, and fragmented portfolio of systems, customisations, and add-on components across all business areas: Enterprise Resource Planning


How to manage mission critical systems that have end of life vendor options and some simply having no further support available.

Consumer Goods

Modernize Consumer Experience by offering a seamless Omni-channel & real-time access to consumers’ profile, loyalty program, membership status and historical transactional and non-transactional (digital) interactions.


How to manage existing systems that are characterised by differing states of technical currency, a large amount of technical debt, complexity and tightly coupled integration, with complex and high-cost operational support and change management.


Managing various external and internal factors (such as tighter regulatory scrutiny of costs, Choice, Critical Infrastructure licence requirements to ensure standardisation of processes and common Governance Frameworks for Data, Integration, Mobility, Reporting


Addressing customer concerns around the safety and comfort of the pet in transit. Convergence on use of IoT device integration, which increases the quality of data in the transport chain and delivers visibility and reliability to the end customer

Global Logistics

Implementing one of the largest transformation portfolios in the Supply Chain industry globally to deliver against cost targets. To baseline the IT landscape, reduce costs, support growth, improve outcomes/experiences for customers and build the right capabilities for today

Harnessing the Power of Personalization

Multiple Formats of Interaction

1.Round Table Discussion
Small team and very focussed

2.Industry Tracks
Successful case by chief strategists,CIOs,VPs

3.Expert Insight Sessions
Jury members inquire and share their inputs

4.Expert Insight Sessions
Jury members inquire and share their inputs

Ask about unresolved question,past,present&future.

6.Team together
Enjoy session in the company of team members,comfortable seating.

Global Enterprise Architecture 
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Winners for this year will be announced during Architecture World summit.

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