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Nominations for Best Architecture Methodologies have started

In 2019, we found that many of the Enterprises had created custom Architecture Frameworks and internal methodologies to create architecture-centric business and technology solutions. Some of the highest-rated projects demonstrated valuable framework concepts and methods such as:

Architecture Methodology for Digital Transformation of Flight Cockpit Operation - Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific's Flight Folder application has modernised the pilot's entire workflow through a single pilot centric smart application. The Flight Folder has enabled the collating of information from dozens of ground systems, the allowing of real-time collaborations between crew members and the ability sharing past historical records so crews can learn from other pilots who have recently completed the same flights — combined this with massive streamlining of backend office process and document archiving efficiencies. The Flight Folder platform has changed a very paper-centric traditional workflow into fully digital paperless operations and magnitude of capabilities that a digital platform can offer.

Architecture Methodology for Cloud Migration – Mainstream Renewable Power, Ireland

Mainstream Renewable Power was the first energy company (2009) to implement Microsoft’s Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) for all our enterprise needs. With the subsequent evolution of cloud offerings, Mainstream Information Solutions undertook a 5-year program commencing in 2014 to re-architect our entire technology platform to transition to a pure-cloud enterprise, utilising Microsoft’s software-as-a-service and Azure offerings. In addition to building for our company’s global expansion plans, Microsoft’s commitment to sourcing renewable energy for their data centres was a key factor, supporting our own sustainability value.

There were others:

· Architecture Methodology for SoA Services

· Architecture Methodology for IT Landscape Rationalisation

· Architecture Methodology for Business Intelligence & Analytics Software development

· Architecture Methodology for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Software development

· Methodology for Business Process Improvement and

· Architecture Methodology for Patterns Development

If you have a similar Project for which you wanted to get Regional and / or Global recognition for its Architecture in 2020, this is the time to contact us at

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Krish Ayyar
Krish Ayyar
Oct 15, 2020

For more information on the Ratings and Parameters used in evaluation Cathay Pacific's Architecture Methodology

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