Application Rationalization - Anatomy Driven Approach

Methodology for Addressing  Enterprise Disorders
Identify the cells responsible for the problem
Horizontal integration and vertical transformation
Transition plan from current document format to enterprise primitive models 

How to create views and models to answer the following questions
-Dependency of apps on each other
-Dependency between Apps and the interfaces
-Apps being used in which locations
-Which data model corresponds to which app?
-Know user screens to apps mapping
-What are the key business rules and the apps automating those rules?
-Which business processes are being automated by which app?
-What are the key requirement's being implemented by which app?
-Who are the key users and which location?
-Which business function uses the app?
-How does App is responsible for meeting the strategy of the organization?
-How these strategies are mapped to organization goals?

Application Rationalization - Anatomy Driven Approach


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