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Day 2 - 28 Nov


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Krish Ayyar - Managing Partner, ICMG Australia

The One Month Enterprise Architecture - Realising the Impossible through Enterprise Anatomy

In this Keynote, Krish will take us through a week by week approach to solving Business Problems using Enterprise Anatomy - a new concept. Key Takeaways are - Better understanding of what is Enterprise Architecture and how to apply it in your organisations to improve Business Agility.



Dr. Alexander SAMARIN – Managing Partner ICMG Europe

The Enterprise Ontology to aspiring Enterprise Architects and Business Architects.

The question is, are you interested in “real” architecture as defined by The Zachman Framework? Why most Business Architects are so clueless and out of touch with respect to real architectural principles. How to present the “Assemble to Order” concept described by Zachman in an accurate and comprehensible manner...



Effective Strategies to Improve Utilization of EA?

After much deliberations, EA team is set up and they start the work with taking stock of IT inventories. Sometimes it's portfolio rationalization or IT-driven transformation. How to realize the true value of Enterprise Architecture beyond one or two projects?

Track Sessions (1) - Industry Solutions