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DIGITAL architecture



Making Project Successful In a Changing World

Sunil Dutt Jha



A MUST if you want to ACCELERATE Digital Transformation (project, $5mn and above) and resolve digital PERFORMANCE problems

If you are part of a select group, chosen for difficult and challenging projects, go beyond your gut feel, go deeper into Digital Anatomy, Digital Enterprise, highly recommended 

Gain undue advantage with skills and INSIGHT possessed by  less than 1% of Tech Professionals

Industry focus

Innovation, Automation, Change

Financial Services

Energy & Utility



Consumer Goods




Key  Modules

How to Apply?

Best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market for Digital Enterprise

Less is More

How to manage growing IT complexity, maintenance overheads, technology obsolescence, time to market for Digital Enterprise

Six Variables

How to define Digital Architecture and transform into implementation 

Simulation & Impact

How to create Digital Enterprise Anatomy models by creating "well integrated, models of models"

Assemble on-demand

   Architecting an IoT Solution for the Cloud using Enterprise Anatomy 

System QoS

How to define QoS such as Reliability, Performance for Digital Enterprise and model it for realization


Case studies 

Case studies covering across 18 different industries

1. Deconstruct Business Process Model for multiple Targets

Learn how business process is linked to Departments, People, Locations, Customers, Suppliers, Business rules Event, Time cycle, User Screen

2. Realize QoS Framework for multiple stakeholders

How to define QoS, how to design systems to support QoS, how to define each QoS characteristics for multiple stakeholders, how to create a QoS reuse model

3. System Modelling for managing change & complexity

How to model systems to manage complexity, how to model for product line architecture, how to manage change in a consistent way, how to balance Performance and Reliability

4. Digital Transformation

How to create the key building blocks (elements) of digital transformation to support Mobile Apps as new access channel, cloud-based deployment, AI, Robots and IoT enabled systems



5. Architecture for SOA, Microservices Solutions

IT Anatomy provides well-integrated model of several IT Models. These sub models cover six variables and six perspectives. How to use these IT Architecture elements to create SOA models on the fly as well as support microservices.

6. Architecture for IoT Solution for the Cloud

How to use the "IT Anatomy" approach for developing a Solution Architecture for an IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Ontology plus Methodology creates Architecture.

The methodology, by itself, creates Legacy architecture.

It’s important to create single variable architecture models than creating multi-variable implementation models and call it “Architecture”. Single variable models are key to longevity of Architecture. Also, it’s important to link strategy models to the operational models using six stages of reification.

John Zachman, Inventor of Enterprise Architecture

Best Practices From Top Rated Digital Projects.

Digital & Enterprise IT strategy from global winners


  • Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong

  • Philips, Netherlands

  • Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat

  • Tata SIA Airlines

  • TVS Credit Services

  • ICICI Bank

  • Al Yaum for Media, Saudi Arabia

  • L’Oreal Asia Pacific

  • Coca-Cola European Partners

  • Economical MutuaInsurance Company Canada

  • Future Generali India Life Insurance

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