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Enterprise Strategy Execution - Datywise Focus

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

As you nearing year end, and head into 2022, what if there was a secret formula that would help you and your team accelerate Business Transformation, improve productivity, maximize your use of existing assets and scale up project delivery and enterprise success in new ways?

Join me for the the Enterprise Strategy Workshop, which will focus on how to develop enterprise strategy and enable faster and more consistent execution of growth prospects. This is a hands-on workshop spread over 5 session ( 2 hrs each) with 60% of the time spent in case studies & lab sessions.

Isn't it true that the long-term viability of an enterprise is a significant concern. Our primary focus for the first day will be on this.

Then on the second day, we'll go through the enterprise elements.

What are the many variables and perspectives?

By the third day, we'll have a deeper understanding of the idea of business strategy, as well as its elements and variants.

We'll look at business transformation on the fourth day.

On day five, we'll focus on the CEO, decision-making, and all of these underlying assumptions. We'll do some hands-on tasks, but I prefer that you accomplish things during class hours, but if you want to do anything at later, that's OK.

And one of the things we'll learn is how to construct a one-page strategy execution plan.

What's the best technique to access the various enterprise elements?

What's more, how do you link your strategy to its implementation?

How do you construct alternate strategies? How to create strategy variation for say, client acquisition? So, when we comprehend the enterprise elements, how may these elements enable me in accomplishing the strategy variations? In addition, What you learn is how to generate strategy variants in hours and not in weeks. That'll be fascinating, to be sure.

The final case study, a strategy for product innovation. It might take anywhere between three and five weeks to finish. Right? By the time you validate, you'll have established a consensus, and all of the stakeholders will be on board.

What if you could achieve it in just eight hours? In other words, what normally takes four to six weeks to finish, you are going to create in 6-8 Hours.

The other scenario we'll examine is one in which you're looking for innovation; in this case, we'll examine six various techniques for providing innovation, with six variables representing the 36 distinct approaches to innovation.

There are 36 ways to achieve things, not just one or two.

There are


Workshop :




Ofcourse, if you opt for workshop Pro option, you have one month access to recorded sessions.

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Sunil Dutt Jha
Sunil Dutt Jha
Oct 31, 2021

Enterprise Strategy Workshop ( 2 hrs x 5 sessions)

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