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Global Innovation Unveiled: The Enterprise Anatomy Model at New York Think Tank 19-21 Nov

Welcome to the New York Think Tank

We're thrilled to announce a landmark event that promises to bring together some of the brightest minds and groundbreaking projects from around the world. The New York Think Tank is set to host a three-day event from November 19th to 21st, featuring leaders and innovators from seven dynamic regions: India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australia & Asia Pacific, Canada, and South America.

A Global Confluence of Ideas and Excellence

The New York Think Tank is not just an event; it's a convergence of visionaries who are driving change and shaping the future. Over the course of three days, you'll have the opportunity to engage with:

  1. Innovative Projects: Discover cutting-edge projects that are transforming industries and communities across the globe. From technological advancements to social impact initiatives, this event will showcase a diverse array of groundbreaking work.

  2. Thought Leaders: Hear from influential leaders who are at the forefront of their fields. These experts will share their insights, strategies, and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on navigating the challenges and opportunities in today's world.

  3. Collaborative Sessions: Participate in interactive sessions designed to foster collaboration and idea exchange. This is your chance to connect with like-minded professionals, explore new partnerships, and ignite fresh ideas.

Spotlight on Seven Regions

1. India: Known for its vibrant tech ecosystem and innovative spirit, India will present projects that are revolutionizing sectors from healthcare to finance.

2. Africa: A continent brimming with potential, Africa's leaders will showcase initiatives that are driving sustainable development and economic growth.

3. Middle East: Highlighting advancements in smart cities, energy, and infrastructure, the Middle East will demonstrate its strides in leveraging technology for future-ready solutions.

4. Europe: From renewable energy projects to cutting-edge research, Europe’s contributions to global innovation are vast and varied.

5. Australia & Asia Pacific: This region will bring forth a blend of technological innovations and environmental conservation efforts, reflecting its commitment to a balanced and sustainable future.

6. Canada: With its strong focus on AI, biotech, and clean energy, Canada’s projects will exemplify its leadership in pioneering next-generation technologies.

7. South America: Showcasing initiatives that blend tradition with innovation, South America’s contributions will highlight its unique approach to solving contemporary challenges.

Focus on Realizing a Singular Operational Enterprise

A key focus area of the New York Think Tank will be the Enterprise Anatomy Model, a groundbreaking concept that is transforming enterprise strategy and architecture. This model aims to create a singular operational enterprise by integrating various business functions and processes into a cohesive structure. Discussions will delve into how this model can be applied to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation across organizations.

Addressing Current Challenges in Enterprise Practices

In today's fast-paced business environment, there has been a proliferation of practices and methodologies that, while popular, often fall short of delivering true architectural value. It's time to address these issues head-on:

  • Misuse of Agile: While Agile methodology has its merits, its implementation often lacks the rigor and discipline needed to align with enterprise architecture. The Think Tank will explore how Agile can be effectively integrated into a robust architectural framework.

  • Brand Name Implementations: Relying on brand-name solutions without a clear architectural strategy leads to fragmented and inefficient operations. Our sessions will focus on developing a comprehensive approach that transcends superficial implementations.

  • Confusing Implementation Details with Architecture: True architecture goes beyond the nitty-gritty of implementation details. It’s about creating a cohesive and strategic vision for the enterprise. We aim to put an end to this confusion and promote a deeper understanding of what constitutes real architectural work.

Importance of the New York Think Tank

This event is a fantastic opportunity for companies across various sectors to join and engage with like-minded professionals. It’s a unique chance to elevate your enterprise strategy and architecture to new heights through in-depth discussions, sharing insights, and learning from industry leaders.

Emerging Roles in the Context of Enterprise Anatomy Model: CEO, Department Heads, Enterprise Architects, and CIOs

  • CEO: As the visionary leader, the CEO is crucial in realizing the singular operational enterprise envisioned by the Enterprise Anatomy Model. The CEO drives the integration of various business functions, ensuring that strategic goals align with the overall architecture of the organization. Their role involves fostering a culture of innovation and guiding the organization towards cohesive and efficient operations.

  • Department Heads: These leaders play a crucial role in executing the Enterprise Anatomy Model within their respective domains. They ensure that their teams' activities and processes are seamlessly integrated into the broader enterprise structure. By maintaining alignment with the organization's goals, Department Heads drive efficiency and performance, contributing to the unified operational enterprise.

  • Enterprise Architects: At the heart of the Enterprise Anatomy Model, Enterprise Architects are responsible for the structural integrity of IT and business processes. They design and implement the frameworks that integrate various functions and processes into a cohesive whole. Their expertise in aligning technology with business strategies is vital for creating a streamlined, efficient, and innovative enterprise architecture.

  • CIOs: As technology leaders, CIOs oversee the implementation of innovative solutions that are essential for the realization of the Enterprise Anatomy Model. They ensure that technological advancements and IT infrastructure support the seamless integration of business functions. By driving digital transformation and technological innovation, CIOs play a key role in enhancing the organization's operational efficiency and competitive edge.

The Context of Enterprise Anatomy Model

  • Enterprise Anatomy (Project): Each project within the Enterprise Anatomy Model is meticulously designed to align with the overall enterprise strategy. Projects are not standalone efforts but integral components of a larger architectural framework. This approach ensures that every project contributes to the singular operational enterprise by maintaining coherence and alignment with the enterprise's goals and objectives.

  • Enterprise Anatomy (Department): Departments operate as specialized units within the Enterprise Anatomy Model, each with a defined role and function. The integration of departmental processes into the enterprise structure ensures seamless operation and collaboration. Department Heads are responsible for aligning their team's efforts with the broader enterprise strategy, facilitating efficiency and unified operations.

  • Enterprise Anatomy (Enterprise): The enterprise as a whole is viewed as a cohesive organism under the Enterprise Anatomy Model. This holistic view integrates all functions, processes, and projects into a singular operational enterprise. The model emphasizes strategic alignment, operational efficiency, and innovation across all levels, ensuring that the enterprise operates as a unified, effective, and adaptable entity.

By addressing each of these levels—project, department, and enterprise—the New York Think Tank aims to foster a deep understanding of the Enterprise Anatomy Model and its application in creating a streamlined and innovative organizational structure.

Participation Through Project Submissions

Participation in the New York Think Tank is through project submissions. This ensures a high level of engagement and value for all attendees, as it brings together only those who have demonstrated significant contributions to their fields. This is not a typical conference with sponsor booths; it’s a focused gathering designed to foster deep, meaningful discussions and collaborative growth.

Deep-Dive Discussions

  • Content Over Commerce: Forget the sponsor booths and sales pitches. This event is all about the confidentiality and integrity of your work.

  • Engagement Style: Prepare for a series of in-depth discussions. Your projects will undergo rigorous evaluation, fostering an environment of constructive critique and collaboration.

Interactive Evaluation

  • Assessment Approach: These days are dedicated to comprehensive project assessments, offering a unique opportunity for feedback from peers and industry experts.

  • Dialogue and Defense: Engage in meaningful conversations that delve into the strategic and architectural decisions underpinning your projects.

Collaborative Growth

  • Beyond Presentations: This Think Tank is designed for interaction. You'll be challenged to engage, question, and contribute, driving both personal and collective advancement.

  • Outcome-Oriented: Our goal is to create an environment where feedback leads to actionable insights, and recognition propels projects to new heights.

Fee Options

Pass Type


3-Day Pass

$3699 per participant

2-Day Pass

$2699 per participant

1-Day Pass

$1399 per participant

Join Us

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of a global gathering that celebrates innovation, leadership, and collaboration. Register now and mark your calendar for November 19th to 21st. Let's come together to inspire, innovate, and make a lasting impact.

Stay tuned for more details on the agenda and speakers. We look forward to welcoming you to the New York Think Tank, where global minds meet to shape the future.

To get started, download the Nomination Form. 

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