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How Companies Are Attracting New Clients By Paying Attention To Architecture!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This is exactly what we are going to discuss, learn and experience during the upcoming Digital Architecture Summit.

In 2019, as well as the in the coming decade, modern information and communication technology combined with industrial production would redefine the Enterprise landscape completely.

If you want to know how will your Digital Enterprise perform in ABSENCE of ARCHITECTURE, don't look far, just look around your city, the roads, facility, services...clogged, isolated, brittle, difficult to change.

What are the chances that your Digital Enterprise might resemble your city of today? high, i guess. That's why it's important to apply DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE as the basis for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. This is the theme of this year's Digital Architecture Summit scheduled on 14-15-16 Oct in Bengaluru. The three days summit will feature over 32 architecture sessions and will focus on Business value of doing architecture. We have taken care to choose the exemplary case studies which will be delivered by the seasoned and hands-on practitioners.

Of course, it's not about a blind call on future. However, a CEO must evaluate the current standing regarding service offerings and how does Enterprise want to reinvent in the digital world.

One of the critical question in digital transformation is how much and when to start shifting the old models and structures to the new. I guess Socrates had a pearl of great wisdom to all when he said THE SECRET TO CHANGE IS TO FOCUS ALL YOUR ENERGY NOT ON FIGHTING THE OLD, BUT ON BUILDING THE NEW.

It's Probably The Only Platform In The World Which Tells About Digital Enterprise Like It Is. There is Lot of good work in the Global Enterprise Domain about Architecture. I think that message is getting clearly articulated here and I don't think there are many places people can go to hear that message so I appreciate the ICMG WORLD conference.

Andrew Bilecki, CIO, UK Power Networks observed that speakers are from various industries, all speaking about the importance of Enterprise architecture.

The best part is there are more case studies from business people less from IT people talking about how it's done. Frankly speaking, I think we need to see more of that. A greater understanding in business is needed, and again from a business point of view how they had used the Zachman framework to drive genuine business performance. It's great to hear from business people, sharing how they've become enlightened and see the power of Enterprise Architecture.

There Never Been A More Important Time To Do Architecture. Let's quickly look at what the leaders and practitioners are doing to gain Customers

1. Business Heads / Chief Strategists / Directors / Heads (Large Enterprises, > 5k-10k plus employees)

In one of the Enterprise, IT was driving over 100 projects driven by business needs. The internal architecture methodology helped in optimizing investment in Information Technology, provided clarity in initiatives, prioritization and increase speed in delivering.

Resulted in

  1. Boosting their Sales By Improving Architecture

  2. Identifying Best Practices (Business Strategy to Execution) For Attracting New Clients

  3. Cut projects Time/Bill up to 50%

2. Small & Medium Enterprise ( < 1000 employees)

Creating Enterprise Digital platform to simplify the overly complicated process of superannuation contribution submissions and management.

Resulted in

  1. New and Simple Techniques to reduce cost of doing Architecture

  2. Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of faultering projects?

  3. Use Architecture reviews to expose flaws inside projects

3. How Entrepreneurs are benefited?

The vision of bringing the ‘internet of things’ (the IoT) to life in dynamic and exciting ways. The Cloud Service allowed control and configuration of multiple sites, including KPI monitoring and suggested service and new product solutions to improve efficiency and savings for customers.

Due to

  1. Better Architecture, Better Products and Improved Sales Cycle

  2. Cure Projects And Avoided Expensive Re-run

  3. Quickly Prepared Team (multiple stakeholders)

  4. Rushed Past The Competitors

4. Program Managers / Project Managers ( $100 K - $100 mn Project/s)

Domain Integration and Architecture Redesign project was a significant ICT initiative implemented at one of the world’s largest bulk export port authorities. It involved small team of ICT professionals as part of a challenging organisational merger undertaking in 2014.

Due to

  1. What / Why of the Architecture? Make it Work incrementally

  2. Customize Architecture Methodologies That Is Helping projects

  3. Essential Architecture Strategies

  4. Step-by-Step Guide to Architecture From Best Rated Digital Projects

  5. The Ultimate Architecture Checklist for Your Project

5. Benefits for Independent Consultant ( 1-10 members team)

Using Enterprise Architecture to Achieve Business Goals

Get Recognition And Appreciation For The Architecture Insight

Fast and Easy Ways of Doing Architecture

The best way to know if you have or don't have Architecture is to have conversation with the team. The Number One Reason You Don't Have Architecture because The Team was Talking About Implementation Details All the While.

Architecture skills are fundamental to every professional to manage change and complexity. The Digital Architecture Summit (14-16 Oct) provides an excellent opportunity to gain insight from some of the best rated Digital Projects.

So, if you are planning to start your next project, $100k or $100 mn, start your new project only after you attend this year's Architecture Summit.

Download the Presentation PDF about the Digital Architecture Summit.

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