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Shape the Future of Enterprise Strategy and Architecture with Advisory Group

Are you passionate about advancing enterprise strategy and architecture?

Here’s an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact. Joining the ICMG Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Rating Advisory Group (ESAR-AG) means actively contributing to the evolution of our industry.

ESAR-AG’s Role in Setting Industry Standards

Becoming a part of ESAR-AG goes beyond networking and discussions. Members play a crucial role in the prestigious Strategy and Architecture Rating & Awards. This global event is a benchmark for excellence, and as an ESAR-AG member, you will be at the heart of it.

Your Contribution to the Awards

Jury Members: Evaluate and select the most innovative and impactful strategies and architectures. Your expertise will help identify and honor the best in the industry.

Observers: Gain unique insights by observing the evaluation process. This role is perfect for those keen on learning and understanding industry trends and standards.

Assessors: Conduct preliminary evaluations, bringing your insights to the forefront. Your assessments will help set the bar for excellence in enterprise strategy and architecture.

Why Your Involvement Matters

  • Shape Industry Standards: Your evaluations will directly influence benchmarks and emerging trends.

  • Gain Global Recognition: Engage in a platform with a worldwide presence, enhancing your professional visibility.

  • Build Peer Connections: Collaborate with and gain recognition from a community of industry leaders.

Join the Movement with ESAR-AG

The upcoming regional and global rounds of the Strategy and Architecture Rating & Awards are not just events; they are a testament to our field's innovation and growth. Your role as an ESAR-AG member is crucial in guiding, recognizing, and celebrating excellence in enterprise strategy and architecture.

Express Your Interest

To join the ICMG Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Rating Advisory Group (ESAR-AG), individuals need to meet specific criteria and demonstrate expertise in the field.

If you believe you have the qualifications and a passion for making valuable contributions, express your interest in joining ESAR-AG by reaching out directly to ICMG.

Your insights and expertise are invaluable. I look forward to potentially welcoming you to ESAR-AG, where together, we can lead the industry forward.

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