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Sydney Think Tank: Driving Enterprise Strategy & Innovation, 10-11 SEPT

Elevating Enterprise Architecture: Insights from the Sydney Think Tank

Join us for an extraordinary Think Tank from September 10th to 11th in Sydney, where the future of enterprise strategy and architecture takes center stage. This event is not just another entry in the calendar; it's a pivotal moment for leaders and innovators committed to shaping the industry.

Australia: Leading the Charge in Business Innovation

Australia is rapidly emerging as a global leader in business innovation and industry transformation. Sectors such as finance, healthcare, technology, and renewable energy are driving the nation's economic growth and establishing its presence on the global stage.

Key Industries Leading the Charge:

Finance: The financial sector in Australia is evolving with the adoption of fintech solutions, digital banking, and blockchain technology. This transformation is enhancing financial inclusion and operational efficiency.

Healthcare: Technological advancements in healthcare are revolutionizing patient care, diagnostics, and treatment protocols. Australia is making significant strides in telemedicine, medical devices, and biotechnology.

Technology: Australia continues to be a hub for IT services, software development, and technological innovation. With a strong focus on AI and machine learning, Australian companies are setting new benchmarks in the tech world.

Renewable Energy: The 'Clean Energy Future' initiative has bolstered the renewable energy sector, encouraging the production of sustainable energy solutions. Advanced technologies and automation are playing a crucial role.

The Role of Enterprise Architecture and Business Strategy

Enterprise architecture and robust business strategies are the keystones to sustaining and accelerating this growth. At the Sydney Think Tank, these critical aspects will be explored in depth, providing attendees with the insights needed to navigate and excel in their respective fields.

Importance of the Sydney Think Tank

This event is a fantastic opportunity for companies across various sectors to join and engage with like-minded professionals. It’s a unique chance to elevate your enterprise strategy and architecture to new heights through in-depth discussions, sharing insights, and learning from industry leaders.

We Welcome Your Participation

We welcome your participation to set the path for 2024-2025, providing a platform for in-depth discussions, sharing insights, and learning from industry leaders. This event is an invaluable experience for those looking to deepen their understanding and impact in the field of enterprise architecture.

Sydney Think Tank: Enterprise Strategy & Architecture

Event Type: A focused gathering of leaders deeply invested in enterprise strategy and architecture within their respective organizations.

Participation: Through project submissions.

Objective: Set the path for 2024-2025 with in-depth discussions, sharing insights, and learning from industry leaders.

Get Started: Ready to be part of this exclusive Think Tank? Download the nomination form here and begin your journey towards recognition and collaboration.

The Sydney Think Tank

Who's Invited: This exclusive event is open to project teams and individuals whose submissions have passed our rigorous evaluation process. It's a gathering of minds keen on making a significant impact.

What to Expect: Expect serious discussions, evaluations, and rehash sessions. Here, defending and explaining your project strategies and architectures is not just encouraged but expected.

Deep-Dive Discussions

Content Over Commerce: Forget the sponsor booths and sales pitches. This event is all about the confidentiality and integrity of your work.

Engagement Style: Prepare for a series of in-depth discussions. Your projects will undergo rigorous evaluation, fostering an environment of constructive critique and collaboration.

Interactive Evaluation

Assessment Approach: These days are dedicated to comprehensive project assessments, offering a unique opportunity for feedback from peers and industry experts.

Dialogue and Defense: Engage in meaningful conversations that delve into the strategic and architectural decisions underpinning your projects.

Collaborative Growth

Beyond Presentations: This Think Tank is designed for interaction. You'll be challenged to engage, question, and contribute, driving both personal and collective advancement.

Outcome-Oriented: Our goal is to create an environment where feedback leads to actionable insights, and recognition propels projects to new heights.

Fee Options

Pass Type


2-Day Pass

$1999 per participant

1-Day Pass

$899 per participant

Summary Note

This event is not a large conference but a focused gathering of leaders deeply invested in enterprise strategy and architecture within their respective organizations. Participation is through project submissions, ensuring a high level of engagement and value for all attendees.

Feedback from Previous Participants

"The Think Tank provided unparalleled insights and actionable feedback that significantly enhanced our strategic direction. The interaction with other CIOs and experts helped us see our challenges from new perspectives and find innovative solutions. It was a transformative experience that has had a lasting impact on our strategy." - CIO, Leading Media Firm

"Engaging with other chief architects and industry leaders was an invaluable experience. The quality of discussions and depth of analysis pushed us to refine our enterprise architecture approach. The collaborative environment fostered new ideas and strategies that we have since implemented with great success." - Chief Architect, Global Financial Institution

"This event is a must for anyone serious about advancing their organization's architecture strategy. The focused nature of the Think Tank allowed for deep dives into specific issues and facilitated meaningful exchanges with peers and experts. The feedback we received was critical in shaping our future projects." - Director of Enterprise Architecture, Multinational Corporation

"The depth of discussion and quality of feedback were exceptional. The Think Tank provided a platform for rigorous critique and valuable insights that helped us align our approach more closely with our business goals. It was an enriching experience that greatly benefited our team." - Program Head, Government Agency

Value Proposition

  • In-Depth Engagement: Focused discussions and evaluations ensure meaningful interaction and detailed feedback.

  • Expert Insights: Learn from industry leaders and peers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Actionable Feedback: Gain valuable insights that can be immediately applied to improve your projects.

  • Regional Recognition: Enhance your organization’s visibility and credibility in the enterprise architecture community.

Quote from Krish Ayyar, Managing Partner of ICMG Australia

"The Sydney Think Tank is a crucial event on Australia's business calendar this year for enterprise professionals. It offers a unique platform for leaders to engage in deep, meaningful discussions that drive innovation and strategic growth. This gathering is not just about sharing knowledge but about transforming the way we approach enterprise architecture and strategy. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of our industries together."

Dive deeper into what makes the Sydney Think Tank a must-attend event for those at the forefront of enterprise strategy and architecture. Discover the discussions that could define the next wave of innovation.

We're not just meeting to talk; we're gathering to inspire change and drive the industry forward. Welcome to a new kind of engagement in Sydney!

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