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Top Five Artificial Intelligence Technologies that are trending today

Artificial Intelligence is fast maturing as a collection of Technologies that are helping many Enterprises in their Digital Transformation Journey. Continuing on from our previous Blog “Why Real Architecture is needed for Artificial Intelligence Solutions?”

we give below the top 5 Technologies that are being perfected in the AI eco System.

Image Recognition

Examples of image recognition in Retail and Social Media that are currently available are The Ebay app that lets you search for items using your camera, A neural network that turns pitch black photos into bright images, Facebook’s AI that knows a lot about your photos etc.,

Trading Algorithms

AI and Machine Learning used by Algorithms that identify complex patterns without human intervention. Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are also used to analyse reports, market insights and trends in real time.

Content Distribution on Social Media

AI is already being used to produce sharable content for social media and then manage the distribution of that content. Tools exist today that will actually write social media ads for you. The ads are optimized for clicks and conversions, thanks to AI’s ability to predict at scale which language will improve results.

Chat Bots

Bots have been around for some time now. For example, Pizza Hut’s chatbot takes orders, answers questions about food items, and tells customers about promotions. If you don’t like swiping through the extensive menu of the Starbucks app, you can place orders by talking to a chatbot built into the app. And, the Whole Foods bot provides food recipes; you can prompt it to do this by using emojis.

Internet of Things and AI

Machine learning is used effectively in preventative maintenance. It is possible to identify patterns in the constant streams of data from today’s machinery to predict equipment failure.

If your Enterprise has embarked on AI based Digital Transformation, with use cases similar to the above, there is a need for “Real” Architecture of your Enterprise with all the required Transformation Stages and their Variables. At ICMG we have been helping our customers in assessing and rating Architectures with our FASTTRACK Ratings Service . Additionally, this year we have launched The AI Architecture Ratings & Awards Programs that are being announced to take place across India, US, Australia, Singapore and Europe. You can get more information about this exciting Program for India at:

Some Key parameters that are used by our International jury panel of experts in the assessment process are:

· Problem Complexity – Is the Problem complexity well understood or is it just a localised simple issue

· Well defined Taxonomy – Are the Transformation Stages and the Enterprise variables for each stage defined clearly

· Perceived Business Benefits – Are the Business Benefits in terms of Process Performance, Departmental Targets, Company Objectives etc., clearly defined in terms of Measures and Metrics

· AI Strategy Models showing Strategic Business Initiatives that contribute to Enterprise Goals and Objectives, Products and Services impacted by AI and the Business Processes that support them etc.,

· AI System / Application Models showing Logical Models of Applications impacted by AI vs Application Design / Performance Objectives, Applications vs Logical Data, Applications vs User Roles etc.,

The above are only a small subset of the extensive set of parameters used for the Assessment and Ratings Process.

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