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Idea Behind the Enterprise Strategy Workshop

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CEOs are investing a great deal in creating winning strategies. Globally, organizations are working on offsetting economic dampening behavior with new products and services in regular interval. Very often, results are not favorable due to inherent business complexity and associated business structure. As a result, even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming.

"Enterprise Architecture" is an evolving discipline which empowers decision makers with Architecture of Enterprise and Enterprise Functions. Using "Visual Architecture Intelligence," business managers can understand anatomy of business strategies, get insight to "Collaborating Business Components" and unleash the power of silent models.

Difficult Business

Even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming


It's interesting to see that "Enterprise Architecture" is getting recognized as a critical element for enterprise survival as well as success. Even today, hardly 10% of the Business Strategies are getting translated to operation (of that, what percentage is anyone's guess?). This workshop will provide you with the necessary insight to "anatomy of business strategy."

Does Enterprise Architecture hold the answer to some of these burgeoning questions & problem? The challenges are two folds. First is the understanding of the discipline of "Enterprise  Architecture." Second is "application" of this discipline in solving business problems. 

Don't forget that architecting "building" is not same as architecting "business"? Buildings are static while business is like a living organism, changing almost every day.

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Strategy Execution

Enterprise Architecture as the basis of Strategy Execution

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This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to understand how to define/re-define Business Strategists, how to get them implemented and operationalized, how to realize business goals. 

This workshop is focused on Enterprise Architecture as a specialty. The key focus areas include understanding Business Strategy i.e. functional structure of an enterprise in terms of its business services, business information, business timing cycles, business locations, business stakeholders and their motivations for achieving business goals. 

Workshop Focus

Enterprise Strategy & Execution


You will also learn how to create strategy models that in turn will provide the necessary insight to the structure of strategy execution. In addition, it provides the capability to assemble and create new business strategies quickly to meet changing internal or external demands.


We will co-relate the patterns of problem & solutions of various industries (Financial Services, Telecom, Energy, Utility, Media, Policing & Internal Security, Healthcare etc) and across multiple functions (Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Support, IT etc). You will gain significant insight to applying Enterprise Architecture for addressing business problems such as time to market, business transformation, new product/service release, etc. 

How to re-organize strategies during the turbulent time?. Of course, it will also help you to clear many doubts about Strategy Execution

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Busting Strategy Myths

We will Co-relate the Patterns of Problem & Solutions of  Various Industries


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Our workshop is about sharing unique lessons learned upon professional experience. We have discovered significant commonalities in practical Architecture knowledge, which can be useful across most enterprises. Together, the joint knowledge of innovative business architects represents the next generation of practice.

It will be interesting to share how we could apply Enterprise Anatomy for some of the following initiatives:

Embarking on a large scale transformation initiative - key     actions and activities.

Mergers & Acquisitions beyond just the balance sheet.

Identifying the bottlenecks if you plan to flood the market with your new service offerings.

Leadership Solutions

For a change, let's use Brain.

How to reduce time needed to draw the competitive analysis for the new market?


How to ensure that IT road-map is in sync with business strategies?

 Why & how to rationalize your IT investment to provide a double digit benefit?

How to use Business Architecture as a tool for effective decision making?

How to translate organizational strategies to implementation & make it operational.

Identify business offerings, processes, IT systems, people behavior that is inconsistent with the strategic goals.

Why Strategy Execution is a CEO engagement, and not just an interface with Program Management?

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Join us for eclectic itemization of Enterprise Strategy concerns (both theory and practice), compositional strategies and tactics, reference models, specifications, process, modeling, frameworks and tips about how to ensure better execution.

This program will help to uncover Enterprise Strategist in you. This workshop can teach you Enterprise Anatomy skills that will surprise you and your management colleagues. Better, you will have fun and have valuable practical TOOLS inside your brain. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex Business blueprint in your brain. For a change, let's use brain.

Digital Enterprise

Faster & Better Strategy Execution for Digital Enterprise

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